Sunday, September 23, 2007

Virtual Game Conferences

The Side Project -

I recently founded a small group called "VGC" (Video Game Conferences). What VGC is intended to do is bring the games industry conferences to virtual games such as Metaplace, Second-Life, Multiverse Community Worlds.

VGC conferences will allow developers from Indie and Commercial ventures to show off there games and technology within virtual space. Also there is added sections for invited speakers to come along and perform live tracks for Design, Art and Programming. Targeting the virtual world as a venue is a brilliant choice due to there being more people will be able to attend from all over the world without leaving there computers. Developers won't have to travel to present there games. Plus it's open to Independent developers as-well as commercial ones.
VGC plans to give virtual venues the makeover venues with booths, Stages, Conference rooms, Lobby areas.

Currently VGC has it's first conference planned. Although there is no information on targeted virtual world yet.

More to be announced soon...

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