Saturday, February 12, 2011

Temporal Analytics's - Does it work?

So corporations and agencies such as the Google and the CIA are investing in Temporal Analytics's. We are even giving it ago, but does it really work? 

If you don't know what Temporal Analytic's is don't worry, it hasn't seen much of the light of day. It's basically a system which mines huge amounts of data from the internet or other sources and correlates it into specific sets of metrics. For example; who, what, where. Using a variety of comparison methodologies it can result in a product which can relate to the future. In layman's terms, it should "aid" in predicting the future. 

>An excellent idea however seems too farfetched to actually bring anything of use to the board for policy making and policing our state. However further investigation into Temporal Analytics's has brought many corporations to using this "experimental" system to observe the suggested outputs and analyse the date compared to real-world events. Sectors such as finance, product/marketing, defence, weather and medical services have all now started to begin in-depth research into this new system. I for one have been testing this out for some time, unfortunately the results are inconclusive currently due to the time taken to bring any useful results, however it does allow for a driver in a new age of model based prediction.

Situational Awareness Trainer - British Forces

The SATBF allows for the soldier to be challenged in a situation which doesn't require combat skills. Dealing with the media is a prime concern when soldiers are in theatre. This trainer puts the soldier in intense scenario where their decisions will effect their ability to control the situation.

Release Info:

A military simulation that tests responses in a high-risk situation and enables players to learn from mistakes.

The user takes the role of Sergeant Major part of a British convoy on route through Baghdad. One of your front vehicles halts and radios in that a civilian, a child, has been hit. A crowd starts to gather and the press are on there way to the scene. Soldiers stand awaiting the users order - jeopardise the mission and call in medical assistance or ignore the causality and continue?

Scores will reflect how well you handled the situation and the image of the British forces that you presented to local people.

Benefits to using the trainer within the military sector:

  • Training without the costs and risks of running live military exercise
  • Realistic and immersive battlefield environments to simulate a conflict
  • Games can make training accessible to a very large number of soldiers across the world
  • Building team work especially in multiplayer environments
  • Games build concentration, improve eye-hand coordination and attention – crucial to real time combat
  • Encourage visualization, experimentation and creativity in finding new ways to tackle the situation
  • Enables engagement in activities otherwise too costly to resource or too dangerous, difficult or impractical to implement in the classroom