Saturday, February 12, 2011

Temporal Analytics's - Does it work?

So corporations and agencies such as the Google and the CIA are investing in Temporal Analytics's. We are even giving it ago, but does it really work? 

If you don't know what Temporal Analytic's is don't worry, it hasn't seen much of the light of day. It's basically a system which mines huge amounts of data from the internet or other sources and correlates it into specific sets of metrics. For example; who, what, where. Using a variety of comparison methodologies it can result in a product which can relate to the future. In layman's terms, it should "aid" in predicting the future. 

>An excellent idea however seems too farfetched to actually bring anything of use to the board for policy making and policing our state. However further investigation into Temporal Analytics's has brought many corporations to using this "experimental" system to observe the suggested outputs and analyse the date compared to real-world events. Sectors such as finance, product/marketing, defence, weather and medical services have all now started to begin in-depth research into this new system. I for one have been testing this out for some time, unfortunately the results are inconclusive currently due to the time taken to bring any useful results, however it does allow for a driver in a new age of model based prediction.

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