Sunday, August 19, 2007

FPS Games Arn't Dead Just Yet

It's a beautiful thing to see FPS games turn into something new and vibrant. Many FPS are usually remakes of others until Half life 2 my personal word would say FPS games were dying in originality the whole run and gun just got boring after awhile. We now have a new kid on the block. The brilliant team at Irational games presents us with a master piece to turn the FPS evolution wheel again or more than once. Bioshock.

Bioshock bring a twist into the FPS genre and game mechanics of basic FPS. Although it's still a FPS Bioshock gives the player so much more. With genetic mutation devices called Plasmids and other whacked out features such as customizing your own weapons and ammo. What really does bring the compelling world of Rapture (Bioshock's setting) is the AI. The AI is a none scripted oblivion style work of art. Players will come across roaming AI's going about there business such as the Big Daddys and Little Sisters. Other AI's such as mechanical security turrets and Splicers. The game makes the player believe that Rapture is a living breathing world. Although around 20hours of game play Bioshock certainly gives us new hope for the FPS. Truly inspiring artwork, game play and the overall feel allow me to say FPS is reborn.

I advise all game designers to give it ago when it's released on 24th August. It's hard to find a inspiring game but I must say this is one of them.

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