Monday, October 23, 2006

MMO Idea Discussion

Okta (Rc Forums) "I think technology is the thing holding back new ideas. You can make an mmo about whatever you like but it wont be far different from whats offered today or in the past. Whats missing is much greater network bandwidth and VR. Untill i have my VR mmo with the latest fps physics i wont be impressed by much."

Okta, your right technology does hold us back but the that is hoping to change wit Realmcrafter/Multiverse/BigWorld(Indie Version).

Altair you talk of what’s in the games, categorising them is there genre, so we all no Anarchy online and SWG and Sci-Fi's and World Of Warcraft and Arch lord are Fantasy. That my friend is how the industry works which isn’t a mistake. Many designers need to think things over before they go o the full length of the MMO production. Most game designers come from strong backgrounds in the industry. This is were indie development comes into the cliche. Whats so popular about the MMO game genre anyway?

Why don’t small game developers go make FPS Games, RPG, RTS. Well the answer is everyone knows a MMO is for the professional of all designers and takes a lot of hard work and dedication for a successful mmo especially out of the Indie Industry. Here below are just some examples of MMO's you could go along for.

1. Zombie/Evil MMO - First Ever Scary MMO
2. Wild Wild West - Indians and Cowboys
3. Prehistoric MMO - My Personal Favourite
4. Mafia Online - Already in development but there’s only 2
5. World War 2 Online
6. War In Iraq
7. The Online Olympics - An Animators dream
8. Hunting MMO - Hunt Dear, Rabbits with friends
9. Africa Online
10.DrugLord Online - Build Farms, Battle Others, Become the richest
11.Rally Online - Characters don’t have to be humans
12.F1 Racer - Very popular within the racing culture
13.Atlantis - A mermaid MMO
14.Something Like Sims Online
15.Snowboard Online
16.Skater Online (Extreme Sports like Tony Hawks Games)
17.Samuri Online
18.Assasin Online (Medieval)
19. Vampires, Werewolf’s - Like Buffy the vampire slayer
20. Pokémon Online - One brilliant GBA Game turned into Online
21. Pirate MMO

Just some ideas I jotted down last night. Its great to be able to come up with ideas but to develop things further takes an expert and able to go from Paper to Pixel the industry term of Game Design is a hard task. I for one are still in consultancy and are happy to give anyone help on there MMO if needed. I have plenty experience in the field and most of the time give talks around Game Design Classes in the UK and I have done 2 GDC Talks.

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