Monday, October 23, 2006

RC - Error using it to my advantage

Right I don’t know if this is intended but I’ve been told it wasn’t possible with rc. I decided to play around with my clothing and took off my trench coat, clicked dropped and it dropped onto the game world. So now I could see a trench coat in front of me. Logged off shut the server down, logged back on few mins later it was still there! Does that mean Housing is now possible? I’m going to be playing with this

Well the idea was to: Go to a estate agent in a capital city, you buy a house deed, this appears in your inventory. You go to your chosen spot (although AWO will have rules for this) and you click drop and bingo you have your house. Then go out buy furniture etc Same with camping (from SWG) we will have something along these lines a small fire and chairs and tent to enjoy the AWO skies and environment. I deliberately crashed it (The Server) to see if the item would go away its still there

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