Monday, October 23, 2006

Using RC - A MMORPG Engine - How I Plan To Turn it Into RTS

Hey, I was wondering, this is the basic system we are using to Mask this MMORPG into a MMORTS how you say?

well this is my concept

1/ each player starts off with a HQ construction deed in there inventory.

2/ Player then goes into the lobby were there are 5 portals to different home worlds, we do suggest you choose your race home world.

3/ once there you can explore miles and miles of terrain and once you’ve found a perfect spot for your base you click your HQ deed and it appears on screen *okay so is number 3 possible, maybe if we set the HQ to a pet? once then you buy them u can put them in your inventory and get them back out.

4/ once you’ve built a HQ you can select from he HQ to build a barracks or resource refinery *The HQ will act like a SHOP so you can buy for example a barracks (maybe the barracks should be a pet) then you can place it and once your barracks is placed the barracks has its own shop to build units (now they are defiantly on the pets system)

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