Friday, December 01, 2006

Looking Back


I have decided to look back into my history of the industry. Here below is a brief post of my gaming history also announced the Next Gen MMO Concept I’m working on (With Solar System Studios development team).

First StageFirst Stages were among the most popular, showing the community what I was made of, in 2003 I worked on a 2d RPG concept as a freeware on a 2d RPG Engine.
Mafia: Suited Men (Prototype)Mafia suited Men has to be one of my first “full game” although it wasn’t a full game as such but just a prototype but at least it was a modification for a change. I got to work on Pixel 2D art. Although I found this challenging and I still prefer 3D didn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it.

Download the 2d version of a test client of Suited men only one level(Click setup to install and enjoy);4275027;;/fileinfo.html

With the first stage having a mild response of the public I then decided to leave Suited Men. Not for I didn’t have the technology but I would just be in the retro style of games. I wanted to push my Mafia Idea to current generation.

Second Stage

Now for the modding days. I decided to work on some current gen games but as a modder. Although this had some limitations I was able to learn in-depth detail on many game engines (structure, model structure, poly counts, level editing, scripting)

SAS: Codename Alpha Bravo 2 Zero (6 Man Project)

My First mod to hit the headlines. Designed for battlefield Vietnams Directx9 engine, SAS was there to offer quality realistic and fun gameplay for all players. What struck a lot of the public was our highly detailed models. The levels were fun to play and gameplay couldn’t get anymore SAS realistic.

Toywarz (One Man Project)

Probably one of the mods that not even a game has come into works. Toywarz would kick out the average Joe soldier and size them down into toy soldiers. Running around the house in teams, fighting against teddy bears and plastic army men. Toywarz was defiantly a big change to many Battlefield Vietnam Mods, over 1,000 downloads on on release night. Toywarz is still an idea kept for actual full game, But this would be for the future.

A Jedi Order (One Man Project)

My big success, it was simple but effective. The day of release over 5,000 downloads. The next day the mod hit’s front page. So what was the fuss about? Well Star wars Battlefront released with no option to play as Jedi. Well A Jedi Order would not just allow you to play as Jedi, but also give you force powers to play around with. Elements of Gameplay were also added for more fun Star wars experience. A Jedi Order after weeks release and 10,000 downloads on soon got an email off the PC Gamer Team wanting a small article in the PC Gamer magazine Issue 152 and placed on cover disc. Best thing with A Jedi Order this was a one man project by me.

Third Stage

It wouldn’t be long after my modding I would revisit the Mafia idea. Mafia Online was created April 2005. I started to work on its brief game treatment documentation and add all the ideas what many online games didn’t see to have at that time. Mafia Online would be the first true fully 3D Online Mafia Game, but that was to change as another project announced Goon World, this did not stop my concept but what did stop it continuing was Technology at that time I didn’t have the resources like I do now. So I kept Mafia Online’s Docs/Models/Sheets/Concepts for another day (When the technology was available)

Fourth Stage

Now lets get into the Big Designs. Now MMO’s are a designers biggest challenge. AWO (Ancient World Online) is my challenge in design and engine detail. AWO I have designed to be Next Generation from the Ground UP. The Design documentation is at a huge scale which shows how big AWO is designed to be.
I firstly started by myself using RC for a prototype of AWO with the MMO features. After I got a few lands up and running I started to run HUGE terrain projects one the public know is “Test Worlds” this would use the L3DT terrain generation system to create huge terrains in RC for AWO’s prototype.
After the prototype stage I gathered a team together, many of team members have heard of my name and seen my success’s. Some were from EA others from Acclaim and even some from Ageia. I had the best at my hands. We only aim to create the concept for AWO to present to a publisher but because of volunteer work it became more harder day by day. What I have learnt is money motivates people and if they aren’t getting paid they slack off.
AWO has only just reached visual demo phase and concept. We had some talks with BigWorld Tech party and have acquired there Evalu engine for AWO demo to be presented. BigWorld Tech offers the next generation technology for Big Commercial Developers. To be able to speak to them and actually get accepted was a great honour and using there tech was also an amazement.

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